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Hi all,

This is a little update of what I've been doing !…

it's held during Jakarta fashion food festival in Hotel Harris Mall Kelapa Gading.
The showcase is about The escapade suggests a liberal lifestyle of a confident and easygoing lady.
Apart from batik, there's another traditional heritage from jepara called Tenun ikat.
usually tenun ikat are made of natural colours,  for this collection,
I decided to give this traditional fabric a little twist. neon coloured tenun!
Simple styles but great for a time-out!

Hope you guys like it!
HEy! How have you all been? must be great yeah? =) Just a little update,
I'll b posting my latest works soon! It's a collection in progress that I've been working on since Aug 09.
This is the link of the teaser.…
you may want to view it large because it's pretty small
Please anticipate and I appreciate all you critiques! I need them lots in order to progress from my current state~! =) will have to develop these and we'll have a fashion show in may 2010. Keep a look out for me yeah? hear you soon!

Lovey dovey,
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hi all! it's been so long since i updated my journal, i've really busy nowadays. hehe..

first, i would like to thank you to those who have +faved me! :hug: i will definitely personally thank you when i could find the time! =)

and hope everyone's fine! ciao!
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hi everyone! :wave:

just to update my journal. i really really really wanna thank God for the great opportunity as a fashion designer as my first full-time job.

i went for my first interview as a fashion designer 2 days after i reach singapore from my holidays... i was quite worried, because usually, companies would prefer their own citizens and people with experience..but i dedcided to give it a try. fortunately.. they liked my portfolio, and was lucky enough to be called down for a second interview.and they accepted me.:boogie:  

talking about my salary, it's abit(very) underpaid.. but i dun mind as long as i am able to gain experience from it. especially, the boss is actually giving me the opportunity to be in-charge of 2 of their labels.. 1 is womenswear label, and another is a newly setup menswear label... i will also be involved in the planning of the construction of the stores and take part in the discussions to go with my concept.
i think it'll be a great great plus for me though it'll be tiring and its a 2 mans work. apart from that, they do bags as well, so i will be able to help them design as well, of cos, while retaining the image of the brand itself..

the menswear label will be like my baby because i'll see it through from building its core image and foundation as a brand.. so until it is stable enough.. i dun think i will be able to let go of this job.
meanwhile, im working from home in proposing the concept for both mens and womens collection, including the time for production, my first collections will be during november, just in time for xmas season... anyone has got any ideas in mind??
both labels are mass market and has to be really affordable. the target market will be more of working adults.. so it'll  consist of more office and formal wear.hehe.. im just so excited about it! so if u have any ideas, please share with me~!!

about my (BA) bachelor degree.. im planning to save up and maybe go St. Martins to study. but!!!! if time doesnt allow, i shall just take it here in singapore or in indonesia.. for now, work comes first. =)

the only problem is, im praying reallllllllly hard, so that my application for a Work permit will be granted.. if now all these plans will go in vain. auhh.. please pray for me yaH!!!!!!:pray:  

best regards,
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AAAAHH.. in 2 week's time 18th april, i'll be having my final assessment!!! and i haven't done much!!! thank's to my designs, i had to do 2 complicated prototypes and 1 final garment. thank's to my ambigious and ambitious designs, i'm having a hard time struggling to do my illustrations and technical flats in computer (imagine: i spent a whole night till 5 am morning just to finish 1 1/2 technical flats.. i've got 6 and 1/2 more to go!!!). and the process of making the garments is making me crazy...:headache:  

WHAT'S WORSE!!! its my birthday is on the 11th, just a week before the assessment... i won't have time to even celebrate my 21st birthday :tears:   in anycase, it has been like that, assessment dates is always near to my b'day, i'll never get to enjoy it as long as i'm in school. ugh!

things to do:
-3 garments
- 6 and 1/2technical drawings
- collection plan
- 1 more illustration
- catalouge
- A3 size portfolio
- Mood Board
and i don't know what else.......... its all either complicated task or time consuming task..

:juggle: I'm still in :iconcjrogers1993:'s PD though.. i feel that it actually helps me to distress eventhough i find it hard to get the time to sit down and immediately design something off topic from my school takes time to let the mind to switch on to PD mode sometimes since i was focussing on my school work the whole time. GOSH! i'm so worried about not completing my school work.
but i'll try my best to finish each challenge! just 2 more weeks! hahaha..
i'm surprised that i actually go to school at 9am, and go home at 12am EVERYDAY (INCLUDING SATS AND SUNDAYS) for almost 2 months... and still so many to do! arghh!!

really.. :pray: my only birthday wish is to be able to complete everything nicely and perfectly.  and not to look like its rushed! i want to get good grades!
please pray for me too!!

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just some updates,currently i'm in :iconcjrogers1993:'s Project Designer (PD) challenge season 7.
still in Challenge 1 right now, weel wish me luck, i'm so excited that i was chosen as one of the participants. though i'm not confident of winning cos all of the other participants are just sooo good!

oh well, im having my finals soon, im just.... so nervous and stressed out, i dunno if i can make it through.. the time is tight, and my concept are not finalised or decided.. but looks like i'm gonna do on waves, since i find it interesting after doing that for PD challenge 1: word it out. hahah!
oh well..

i guess thats all.. im quite lost now..that i don't know what i'm saying. i guess i'll catch some sleep first. chiao!
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just wanna thank's for all the +favs ! i've been really busy nowadays and always. but i really appreciate u guys! since i didn't have de time to thank everyone, i'll just write it here!

Update: oh so happy! cos my semester is back to doing female wear! hehehehehe! =p
we've got abt 3 major projects lining up, and together with other mini projects. i'm just so excited that our 1st major project is actually a competition for kaybee company.
F.Y.I: Kaybee is a company that produce and distributes textiles.

The company is having their annual anniversary and is organizing a fashion show during their press. i should say is not a big thingy to brag about, but being able to see your own work on stage is so fulfilling. they are only choosing 18 finalists and will announce the winner after the show.. the prize is bleahhh! but its the experience that counts yah! haha.. so i guess i'll try my best to get into the top!

update about the rest of competitions i joined last year:

- SPOTLIGHT evening wear competition - managed to be the top for Singapore&HongKong Category:floating:
- Mitsubishi competition -it's still not finalised yet (even the prize is not finalised):hmm:
- PSC children wear competition - i got into the semifinals and be the top 4 but the winner is my own friend, so i'm happy for her!:w00t:
-Topshop FRESH! competition - we didnt win! (sch competition) but we had fun, it was so touching to see all the models wearing our garments on the runway!

yups yups! oh yeah,my results for the sem wasn't that appealing. same goes with the whole cohort. it seems that the school is pulling down our marks on purpose. not 1 got more than 70 as far as i'm concerned. maybe it's because it's our last year. so they wanted us to work harder. all of us were so disappointed.. we worked like hell yet this is what we get. oh well, maybe it'll teach us a lesson that the world is unfair?^^;   hahaha

I wanna use this time to congratulate my sis :iconbootilixious: for emerging as the winner for her violin competition!!!!  GRATS MEI!!!!!:typerhappy:  
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HI all!
While having a Men's wear project for my school work,  I was kept really busy with 4 competitions i've been participating. We had Singapore Fashion Week on 13th October, and my School's participated in TOPSHOP FRESH! Graduate Showcase . We had competition with other design schools. It was quite an experience because we were onli informed 2 weeks before , and we were really rushing for time. It nearly killed mi. hahaha.. but we made it.  Though we didnt get first, Its such a pleasing and fulfilling moment when we saw our garments up on the stage.

Then  at the same time i participated an evening wear competition by SPOTLIGHT in Australia together with my good frens. We were crazy, because we know we dont have time to do all these, but still, we were tempted. hehe..

After that i moved on with Mitshubishi RALLIART Design Competition. We had to do Sportwear, and basically to understand how to design within a client's need. Since RALLIART is a label set up for buyers that loves car racing, of cos the design will not be as WOW as others. Its more wearable .

Currently, i'm participating in a Childrens' Costume design Competition held be Channel8(Singapore's TV station) It's quite a challenge for me because i got a boy.. oughhhh... i like  dress more u see. But i have to bite my lips through this. The show will be "live broadcast" on 8th December. The theme they gave is Glamour, and the Boy will be performing a piano piece.  I thought of making him like Prince... What do u think? hahaha... can't tink much right now.. its quite hard to make a male's costume for me, u can do more with female i guess.. pray hard for me yah! hehehe..

guess tt's all! oh yeah, i aborted the stereogram thingo, because i couldnt find a company that prints the fabric. oh well, i've got to stick to something realistic, so, im doing on paper cut art as my theme... i'll be doing alot of experimenting .. something like origami kinda thing.. u'll see wen im done. hehehe.. see ya ard. and thank's for reading =)
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I'm here to announce that im officially out of the challenge. awwww. so sad! but it's ok, it has been a great experience and at least fill my holidaes with something new that i can learn from.

the last challenge, i blew it up. knowing that i have to use bluecranberries' sketch as an inspiration instead of using it to change to my own style.must be some part of my brain confusing me and blinded me! haha.. ok, nope, its just pure misunderstanding of the challenge and not being able to have de courage to take a risk.

at least i've 8 more deviations becoz of LBM , hip hip HUrray~! =)
Alritey! Will concentrate on my school now~ and yeah! i'll definitely join in another competition if i come across another one!

Good luck to the remaining designers!!! u guys are great!

*signing off*
- merry
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oh yeay!after a longggggggg holidays! School has started again, im in my final year to get a diploma, and i heard that i'll have really interesting lessons this year! cool cooll!!!!!!!:clap:

alritey! just abt doing my project, this year, I've decided to work even harder than last year! And Surely they give us some projects that need themes.. :blahblah:  
So, i had some free times, and though over what kind of theme would i use to this year?
examples of strereograms:… ( see this if u don't noe how to view stereograms yet)………

FOR IN CASE: An autostereogram is an optical illusion of depth usually observed by allowing the eyes to focus behind an image (diverge), but also sometimes in front of the image (converge). These two methods are also known as wall-eyed and cross-eyed, respectively. The slight differences in vertical repetitions of figures or random dots create the illusion of depth in the 2D image, just as the slight difference in perspective between one's eyes creates the perception of depth on 3D objects and scenes.

According to Magic Eye, a maker of autostereograms, "most people prefer the diverging method". However, with normal stereograms, this imposes a limit on the size of the image, since there is a limit to how much the eyes diverge; images created for the cross-eyed method can be larger. If a stereogram is viewed with the wrong method, the depth information is seen 'backwards'; points intended to be in the background appear in the foreground and vice versa.

YEAPS! IM GOING TO HAVE A HARD TIME BECOS IM GETTING AMBITIOUS ABT IT. I dun even know how to make one stereogram myself yet, but will try really hard! at least i tried ya???
My plan is to use my own stereogram and make the fabric and design garments with it!
I wouldn't be so straight forward, maybe using stereograms, i'll do a theme on "INNER VOICE" or.. " I SEE YOU"

"INNER VOICE" focuses about how some people hide their feelings and didnt know how to express. So, i can make stereograms with Wordings. "i feel sad bla bla bla" or " i hate mondays"  and of cos cover the words with nice patterns .

"I SEE YOU" is more humourous and fun. but it may be a little rude. haha.. i was thinking if i can make a garment, and wen u try to focus ur eyes, u can see the inside of the model! (im talking about undergarments.. haha:laughing:  )
of cos its not the real thing. its just a pic of a set of undergarment. hee.. its quite cute actually. but i dun tink the school allows it becos its a little vulgar in a way. :hmm:  hmph..  

Problem i face now:
- How to make a stereogram,
- Even if i make a fabric out of stereogram, wen i'm doing pattern drafting and cutting the fabric, it'll ruin the stereogram!
- Printing Out a Fabric IS SURE ALOT OF MONEY
- This project is way too ambitous and the time given for my school projects is a surely a BIG challenge. (its not that im not confident, i just have to be realistic)

What I'll have to do now:
- Find out how to make stereograms and try making one! anyone care to share with mi how? any software?
- Find out cheap printing company that prints fabric!
- I may have to postpone this plan or make it out - of -school project and think of another theme for school one.. hahahaha!

ok, that's about it! just wanting to note down what my thinking process is. hee hee..

*signs off*
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seems like problems never cease to haunt mi. blah..
anyway im in indonesia right now on hols till 14th july. BUT no one to drive me around to playyyy.. =(
oh... well... baddie mood... many many things happen.. duno where to start, but looking on the bright side, i'm still in the LBM challenge.. haha.. cheer mi onz!  ciaozz!
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THANK GOD I SURVIVE! hehehe.. my sch is over! i had my assesment yesterday, and wen i came home, i slept like a pig. hehehehehehehehe.
right now, my to do list is diff~

-make some clothes for myself~
-make sundress for anna
-make dress for cherry~
-make a plushy for hana~
-buy present for mimi~
-find a new house real quick!!!
-continue with my old job~

i've got hols till august, going back to indonesia in june~ hehehehe.... ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS MERRY~! =D
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i'm having my worst year yet.... all my frens, like me, all are rushing projects like mad. cant finsh my sch work by assesment week for sure, tt's 1 and half week from today.. lol, ifelt as if im flotaing wen i walk cos 3 days never sleep alr. haha! but i'll try my very best.. ugh... im so dead..... just pray for mi tt i wont collaspe anytime v4 assesment.. and wen hols come, i wan to play! and sleep ! and play!!!! merry jia you!!!!

To Do List:

-textile swatches + textile description, binding into book

-textile journal,Both for textile studies and textile design:

textile studies :(notes highlighted,samples,lecturenotes)

textile design:( process image, cutting the design and labelling,fabric designs, design sketches of undergarment project. catalouge design + printing, A3 process of design, making of the 6 undergarments

- Production Method: 5 garments finished , + 3 final garments (interfacing,calico tulle, and real fabric) all finished

-Production Method : JOURNAL -photos,research, process, mkt research, swatches, hidekis' samples (all 8 garments documented)

- Design Studio: 100 sketches+ process +coloured sketches+ technical drawing done in freehand + 8 illustrations and process,MOODBOARD, fabric swatches, 100 words description, market research. (journal)  Final presentation portfolio with all 8 final designs and illustrations and tech draw +samples ALL BINDED together..

- Drawing - 4 fashion art, 5 illustrations, photoshoot illustrations and dollies, sketches, journal workings, design studios sketches all in, research, images, LAYOUT OF FINAL PORTFOLIO!!! Printing A3/A4 design

- Pattern Drafting: ALL PATTERNS LEARNED with complete seam allowance, sem1&2 together, put in envelope, JOURNAL!!!

Final Design pattern draft complete with seam allowance, Master copy. tulle to show her.

note:consuming task takes abt 3hrs to complete, most time consuming task take 48hrs of work. due date is in 1 and 1/2 week time.

merry jia you!!!!!!!!!!jia you!!!!!!!!!
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this is just an update of my life:

haha.. my legs hurts.. just finish my work as a salesgirl, haven done any homework yet,i dun wanna care anymore.well, not now.. im so tired.. almost everyday i have to gulp redbulls to "give mi wings" .. basically doesnt really help. but i'll drink it for the least of energy.. i hate coffee.. hee..

this few days im driven by jazzy songs.. if u like romantic tunes and soft music, try looking into Olivia Ong. her songs are fabulous! i like the song entitled :''fades away".. yeah.. her others songs are also nice..

anywae, every single week is a busy week in itself.. i tell u, wen i see an overview of my schedule and datelines.. i'm like..... dot.... "To hell i go! woooowwwtt!" right, let's take it step by step..i'll try my best to maximize my time. afterall, this is the path that i choose to take.even if it's tiring, i will not give up. hehe! but wah.. realy so tired.. i can imagine  the next few weeks i'll be a walking zombie. even now, my eyes is slightly swollen already. ughh..

honestly, i miss home, i miss papa, mama, koko wendy, koko lius.. i miss my family.. i miss my dog, miss my "cute" cousins.. so, im planning to go back indo during chinese new year..i noe the lecturers will bomb us with even more work loads for the hols.. but oh.. i really want to go back..

okies.. time to knock off..
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hehe.. i was having 3 weeks holidays, went back to my home country, indonesia.
it was fun and enjoyable, though i didnt get to realy enjoy going out (i'm grounded O_O'')
drew come pics there, but onli one is nice enuf to be submitted here. the rest are rubbish.. either the eyes is out of shape, or old faces become kid's face.. haha..

well, so long now! will do more art works, so hope u all will support mi ^^
I was told to display my portfolios in my school for review and viewing with other selected students.They ensure that no one would enter the room and onli the teachers, and told us to come back to collect our stuff 2 weeks later, which is today.

Then i noticed, i have things missing, i thought it was the teachers who may have took them for another review.wen i asked them, they said no one took it.WHICH MEANS SOMEONE HAVE STOLEN MY ARKWORKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

My sketch book that i worked hard on, my final art workss.. all gone... onli left with some minor works. OH GODDDDDDDD! im so sad and angry... they say no outsiders would come... im so disappointed. my fren's art works too, are gone.

The teacher said : " Do more sketches and try remember wad you did and REDO"
WOWWWWW! wat nice suggestion.... it so unfair that we had to do all over again , all because our stuff are STOLEN!!!

im so angryyyyy! I realy wish that the person who took my sketch book and art works would kindly return it to me. I really put all my hard works and energy into my sketch book.. and its gone.. Worst, i have to go back indonesia tommorow, so i cant settle this problem till i come back Singapore..

I feel so helpless now.. wad am i supppose to do.. =''(

silly mi

Mon Nov 13, 2006, 11:02 AM
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so it seems like its deviant art hu gave the subscribition eh.. hee, silly mi.. ty D.A anywaes~ =p

right now im having my hols, so gg to make my D.A page as alive as possible!
coming up soon will be my fashion collections that i did for my school, but have to go back to my campus to tk the pics.. so.. ahh.. er... hehehe.i guess i'll go back wen im free ~~ (spirit of laziness overwhelmed mi)


Sat Nov 11, 2006, 11:12 PM
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Dont we nid to suscribe to deviantar to be a suscriber??? who suscribed for mi???
and why i didnt noe??????? OMG!!!! sory i am so slowwwwwwwwwwww! BUT WHO EVER IT IS, THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

TY TY TY TY TY!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE TELL MI HU U AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i recently joined :iconarehandora-lovers: club~! her deviants are just too beautifull! i even bought the software she uses! =p (corel photopaint) heee!

figuring out how some ppl show their frens in their page, and some dont, how to show ppl my frends list? hmmmx...

hee! okies! chiaooo
hi all! thx for dropping by! i joined deviant not long ago, hee..
Being my first time creating journals,
first i wan thx mei for introducing this web! :hug:

lots of things i dun understand here.  methods of diff arts,how to add frens?
anywaes,ADD mi in ur frens lists yeah??~!!!! i Wont eat U! =p

right now studying in singapore, LasaLLe cOllege of aRts, taking a course on fashion design,if i am confident enuf,i'lll submit some of my designs later on~ *ExCiTeD*
haven had much experiences in art though, but THIS PASSION will BURNNNNN! :headbang:
so watch out u guysssss!

P.S. ADD MI ADD MI~!!!:handshake: